Re-designing on your own or seek a professional?

Friday Feb 10th, 2017

The process of dressing up your home can be exciting, especially for ladies and first time home owners. But getting the expertise and knowledge of a professional stager is always an option to bring out the best in your home.
To begin with – set your budget and determine the scope of work you would like to be handled by the professionals and how long will it take to finish. You may want to have some areas of your home fully re-designed, not the entire home.
A stager can help to you blend the area to what is already existing. It is also advisable to be realistic with your budget. It will be impossibe to set aside a budget of $2000 for a full home staging with more than 5,000 sq.ft.
If you will be working with professional stager, again – the most importatnt tool is that you have to be comfortable while getting the full value for your money. Look for someone who can see and deliver your own vision of your home.
If you then decide than you would like to do it by yourself – try to connect yourself with ideas by reading books and magazines. Web has been a very useful tool that you will for sure consult to begin your imagination come alive in your own place.
You may also want to furniture trade shows and exhibits so you can personally take a look and feel the furniture, the fabric and the color of the paints they are blending. Check out also nearby furniture stores during clearance and sales events.
Do not forget to measure the area you are staging and the size of the furniture you are eyeing.

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