Ready to save for Summer Heat?

Tuesday May 02nd, 2017



We just welcomed the spring season but we are all preparing for summer. 

Airconditioners (AC) are just one of the few ways many of us think about to keep cool, but there are many other options we can take to keep cool and save energy (and cost) associated with running the airconditioners. 

In using the AC, you may add a fan near the window AC to further distribute the cooling effect. In addition, ensure that filters are change timely based on manufacturer's recommendation. Or if you are looking to change your existing AC (especially old models for the last 10 years) , go for the ones which were labeled with Energy Star. 

Other some few ways I recommend. 

1. Close all window  coverings on West and South facing sides of the home in the morning and keep it closed until dusk.

2. Make us of portable electric fans since they are effective and much cheaper. It also offers convinience since you can carry them everywhere where there is an electrical plug. If you have ceiling fans, it is recommended to adjust the rotation of the fn to summer setting (if available) so the air blows down into the room.

3. For both dishwashers and clothe's washer or dryer - it is recommended to run in full oad to maximize the capacity. Also for your dishwashers, better to run it at night (where all dishes for the day are served) and you may opt not to set it for non-heated drying. 

4. Turn off unnceessary lights even CFLs. 

5. Program your Thermostat with your AC to keep the temperature throughout the day, even if no one is home. 




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