Selling Your Home in Fall Season

Wednesday Oct 04th, 2017



Selling Your  Home this Autumn Season 

Season is still dry and not that cold, definitely during fall - buyers are still on the lookout for a good home. Prepare your home for a good sale with the following tips:

1. Look after your yard

Make sure leaves are out of sight most of the times, especially the photographer's visit.Clean the yard everyday; keep the gutters clean and if needed, repair or replace them.

2. Check your Furnace

As coming days will be much colder, the prospective buyers want to know the heating system is working properly. Entering a cold home or hearing a noise on the furnace is a sure "red flag" for the buyers. An expert can calibrate the thermostat, examine carbon monoxide emissions and check gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchange for the potential fire dangers.

Please do not forget to change your filter as well. 

3. Don't forget the chimney

Hire a certified chimney sweep who can inspect and clean the fireplace. Too much creosote can cause blockage, reduce airflow and potentially lead to chimney damage and also fire.

An expert can also determine whether you have a guard for the top of your chimney. Without a guard, debris can block the passage of air from the fireplace through the chimney and outside, which can lead to smoke in your home. Once it's clean and inspected, think about using it to accessorize. 

4. Make them feel the season at your home

Add some decors and appeal that can make your buyers feel the fall colors at your own home.



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